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How does it work?

It starts with a click

The 100 days trial is automatically included in your AYDRO Hydrogen Water purchase for free. One machine per household is eligible for the trial.

Then the trial begins

The trial begins on the day the AYDRO Hydrogen Water arrives at your door. 

Get hydrated daily

Enjoy the tasty AYDRO Hydrogen Water for up to 100 days.

Fall in love over time

It takes time to know AYDRO, your body needs time to feel the new hydrogen water, so take note on how your health improves over time and decide if AYDRO is the one for you.

Return and refund (only for west malaysia)

If AYDRO is not for you

We’ll arrange for your AYDRO Hydrogen Water to be picked up. Your total payment in full when purchasing from Juniper Spring Enterprise will be fully refunded. Return is only eligible for purchases after 30 days. 

First, email us at to initiate your return within your trial period.

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before purchase.

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