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Protect yourself with strong immunity everyday!

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2024 New year SALES

RM1,900 only

​(RRP RM3,800)

  • ​FRE3 Years warranty
  • Free delivery
  • free installation
0% Interest Installment Plan
6 or 12 months installment plan*

*AEON, Affin, Alliance, RHB, HSBC, SCB, BSN credit cards only

202006-AYDRO-No electricity-Icons.png

No Electricity

202006-AYDRO-No water

No Water Discharge

202006-AYDRO-Safe materials-Icons.png

Safe Materials

202006-AYDRO-Direct drinking-Icons.png

Direct Drinking





UF Membrane

Carbon Block

Zero Chlorine

Anti oxidants

Ultra Purify

Taste Better

  • High concentration of Hydrogen more than 1600ppb

  • Oxidation-Reduction Potential more than -700mv

  • Stable and unlimited supply of Hydrogen and Alkaline water

  • Remove contaminations of water

  • Lightweight, slim and stylist

  • Most affordable hydrogen water system with Korea & UK technology

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  • Dimensions (W x H X D): 400 x 315 x 120 (mm)

  • Weight (fill with water): 5.6kg

  • Watering System: Direct drinking water system

  • Filter Steps: 7 stages filtration with 5 filters

  • Filter Replacement: Easy to operate and filter replacement

  • Filter Life: 12 months or 2000 Litres

  • Power Consumption: Non-electrical

  • Production: Made in Malaysia

  • Warranty: 3 years

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