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Soalan lazim

  • When can I expect to receive my order?
    For West Malaysia, you will receive your delivery within 5 working days. For East Malaysia, the delivery is still completely free and you will receive your delivery in 20-25 business days.
  • Do you deliver on the weekends?
    If you're in Klang Valley, we can deliver to you on Saturdays.
  • Do I need to be home for delivery?
    Yes, you'll have to be home for the delivery.
  • Do you offer installation service?
    We provide free installation for countertop arrangement only.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept the following payment options: · Credit card including Visa and Mastercard · Debit/bank card · Bank transfer
  • Do you offer 0% installment payment plan?
    Unfortunately,we do not offer 0% installment plan. However, you can contact your financial institution to enquire for easy payment scheme. The standard tenures offered and the interest charged is vary from bank to bank.
  • How many ppb hydrogen can AYDRO Hydrogen Water generate?
    AYDRO Hydrogen Water can generate more than 1600ppb of hydrogen.
  • How much can I drink?
    Recommended 2 Liters a day.
  • How long will the hydrogen in the water last?
    Recommended to drink within 2 hours. It is still drinkable after but may not have high therapeutic concentration.
  • How long can I store the hydrogen water?
    Once generated in the normal plastic or glass bottle, up to two hours to remain in therapeutic range. In a full aluminum bottle, up to 60 hours.
  • What should I store it with if I want it longer than 2 hours?
    Aluminum bottle are the best to store hydrogen, glasses are second choice.
  • Can I store hydrogen water in fridge?
    Yes, by putting your hydrogen water in the fridge, you will be able to keep the hydrogen in for a longer time. Tested after 5hrs in fridge, lost in hydrogen water in fridge by 500ppb only.
  • Is it okay for pregnant mothers and babies to drink hydrogen water?
    Yes, it is safe and no side effects.
  • Can I boil the hydrogen water?
    It is not encouraged to boil the hydrogen water because hydrogen evaporated at high temperatures. However, we recommend to mix warm water with hydrogen water to enjoy therapeutic benefit.
  • Can I use the water to cook?
    Yes, AYDRO hydrogen water is purified and mineralized, your dishes will taste better. However, hydrogen evaporated at high temperatures, we recommend you to drink hydrogen water after meal to enjoy therapeutic benefit.
  • When is it not safe to consume hydrogen water?
    When a patient has limited fluid restriction, follow the doctor’s, nutritionist or the healthcare professional’s advice.
  • Are there any side effects from drinking hydrogen water?
    No, various medical research have not identify any side effect from drinking hydrogen water.
  • What is alkaline water compare to hydrogen water?
    Alkaline water is referred to as commercially available water with high pH value but may not consist of any dissolved hydrogen. AYDRO Hydrogen Water can generate both alkaline water and boosted with more than 1600ppb dissolved hydrogen.
  • How long can the filter last?
    AYDRO Hydrogen water use cartridges to purify and generate hydrogen water. It can last for one year or 2000L of water.
  • How many cartridges in the filter?
    AYDRO Hydrogen water has 5 different cartridges to perform 7 filtration processes.
  • What are the difference between AYDRO Hydrogen Water and other brands?
    What make AYDRO Hydrogen Water standout from the others are: - Hydrogen water. We purified your water like other brands do, we further enhance your water with mild-alkalinity and boost hydrogen molecules in the water for therapeutic benefits where other brands don’t. - Non-electric. Hydrogen water is processed through activated carbon and membrane cartridges without the need of electricity. - No water waste. AYDRO uses the hydrolysis method, and the water passes through the filters without producing any waste water. Machine that use electrolysis process to decompose the water element will create acid water waste. Usually a glass of ionized alkaline water you poured will get you equivalent of another glass of acid water. - Maintenance free. Our cartridges can last for a year or 2000L, hence AYDRO Hydrogen Water can save your time without the need for frequent maintenance service. - Small and slim. AYDRO Hydrogen Water measured by 400mm(w) x 315mm(h) x 120mm (d), saving your kitchen countertop space.
  • Do I need to clean the cartridges?
    We recommend to clean the Catridge A Ceramic Filter on every 3 months to avoid clogging. It is easy and we are happy to guide you on how to clean the ceramic filter.
  • Does AYDRO Hydrogen Water comes with warranty?
    Yes, it comes with a 3 years limited warranty. Please check our Warranty here.
  • How do I make a warranty claim?
    If you believe your machine is defective, please let our customer service team know via
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